COVID 19 - Risk Assessment

In order to reduce the risk of virus spread in your class, the following measures will be taken.

In Advance of Attending Class

  • All clients to accept a Covid-19 Agreement before attending class. Clients are requested not to attend class if they have symptoms or have been in contact with the virus.
  • Clients are requested to bring their own equipment – mats and head blocks. Please see ‘Equipment List’ for further information.
  • Your teacher will monitor their own health and adhere to the Covid-19 Agreement

Entering and Exiting Class

  • All clients to enter and exit class from outdoors via the car park to Azalea Room. If there is a queue please bear social distancing in mind.
  • Your teacher will open and close the door to avoid touching the door handle
  • A hand sanitising station will be available for use on entry and exit to class
  • Clients are requested to file into class via the FIFA method – First In Further Away

Class Safety Measures

  • Come ready for class and bring the minimum to class
  • Keep own kit and personal items by your mat
  • 2m spacing between Mats – markers provided to indicate where mats should be placed. This has been made possible due to an increased space allocation. The partition between Azalea and Begonia will be opened and classes will be taught in this larger space.
  • Your teacher will remain at the front of the class whilst teaching
  • A longer time gap will be allowed between classes to ensure an empty room and allow for some ventilation.

Wearing of Masks

Wearing of masks will not be compulsory for clients during the class. They should bring their own masks if they wish to use them.  Your teacher will not be wearing a mask.

However, if you need to use the facilities during the class you will need to enter the public areas of the building.  You are requested to wear a face mask when using these areas.

What if classes have to close due to Coronavirus Government Guidelines?

If classes are closed during the block of time you have paid for, you will be allocated a credit to be able to carry over into next term/half term. If you do not wish to carry on to the next block, I will not be offering a refund instead.