Terms and Conditions

Refunds and Cancellation

It is unlikely that your place will be able to be filled if you want to cancel at short notice.  You will be given a full refund if a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is given.  For less than 2 weeks’ notice, you will be refunded 50% of your payment.  Once a course has commenced, you will not be offered a refund.

Missed Classes

Please note that you will not be offered refunds or credit if you are unable to attend classes in the period you have paid for.

Bad Weather/Venue Closure

If extreme weather conditions or other circumstances force the venue (Bourne Hall) to close, an extra class will be added at the end of term/half term.  If you are unable to attend this class, you will not be offered a refund.


It is possible that classes may have to close if government security measures are imposed in relation to Covid-19.  Hopefully, this will not be the case. However, if classes are required to close during the block of time you have paid for, you will be allocated a credit to be able to carry over into the next term/half term, as soon as classes are able to resume. You will not be offered a refund instead.


In accordance with ‘Missed Classes’, if you are required to self-isolate due to government guidelines, you will not be offered a refund or credit for classes that you are unable to attend.

Last updated: September 2020