Client Testimonials

I have been coming to Imogen’s classes for nearly 9 years and, having done Pilates for around 20 years, can confidently say that her classes and methods are the best I have experienced. The classes are varied and a lot of effort is put into their preparation each week. What I appreciate is the individual feedback given and Imogen’s ability to remember any individual’s medical needs or limitations and offer an alternative way of doing the exercise.  After years of nagging my husband to take up Pilates, I have finally succeeded in getting him and my son to join Imogen’s class and they have both conceded that they should have done this years ago! - Liz Sandy

I have been working with Imogen for a while now, as an older person and a complete beginner.  I had my reservations on what could be achieved. When I began I had recently broken my wrist and the flexibility of it was taking a long time to recover. I also suffered with lower back pain as well as pain in my knees. After the first few sessions it became clear that my lower back pain was due to an imbalance in my hips and the exercises began to correct this. I found my balance improved considerably and over time my back pain disappeared. Since then my knees have improved so much that I am now able to kneel down, which I never thought would be possible. Pilates has really improved my quality of life. I so enjoy my sessions because Imogen puts her considerable knowledge of the anatomy and the restorative effects of exercise into play carefully explaining what to do and why I’m doing it. If I can’t manage to achieve a movement she quickly finds another way for me to achieve the same results. - Vicki McNicol

I been attending Imogen's Pilates classes for around eight years. The classes are lively, varied and interactive and Imogen's sense of fun makes exercising enjoyable as well as being highly beneficial. I would highly recommend the classes to all ages and levels of ability. You will be assured a friendly welcome and some real long term benefits that regular exercise brings. - Jill McElliott

Having had a slipped disc 6 years ago I decided to try pilates and found Imogen's class online. I am so pleased I did! Before doing so I had been a frequent visitor to the osteopath over the years. I haven't needed to go since joining the class! Imogen is a great teacher and takes time to help everyone individually as we are all at different levels, ages, fitness etc. She explains every move in detail and gives options. It's a great class that I hate to miss when I can't get there. Thank you Imogen! - Pam Buckmaster

As a mum of young children, I love the calm that Imogen's classes bring. It is the best place to switch off while really feeling the benefits of stretching and strengthening the core. Imogen makes you work hard but it's totally worth it. - Rosie Herber-Davies

I can't even remember for how many years I've been attending Imogen's classes, at least 7, but I find them very beneficial for my health and wellbeing. Every session is carefully prepared ensuring that the whole body is exercised and all joints mobilised. Imogen is very knowledgeable about human anatomy in action. She always takes pupils' physical problems into consideration and gives them the option of alternative exercises, if need be. Imogen's enthusiasm for Pilates is infectious; she keeps up with latest ideas and insights, and I feel I am in good hands. - Rita Stade

I have thoroughly enjoyed Surrey Pilates led by Imogen for over three years now. I am constantly challenged to a degree that is always motivating and satisfying but never too much. Imogen always provides exactly the correct amount of support and encouragement with a really pleasant demeanour at all times.You should see how we all laugh sometimes, in fact a lot! If you are looking for a Pilates class that has it all, including a lovely location at Bourne Hall, this is the one to join. - Allan King

I have been attending Pilates classes with Imogen for some 3 years. She came to my gym as a holiday cover for the class there, and I was so impressed I sought her out and have not looked back. The classes are small, the routines are always different and interesting and Imogen really teaches, giving feedback on how we should do each exercise, what we should not be doing and where we should feel it. She is very attentive to detail and corrects our practice. My back is so much better than when I started. Highly recommended. - Sue Harris

Pilates with Imogen is inspiring, challenging, fun and varied. My flexibility, balance and confidence have all improved as I have learned more pilates from Imogen. After my first term I was struggling and ready to give up. Imogen encouraged me and 7 years later it's the fun challenge I need. Imogen's excellent teaching techniques combined with her warmth and knowledge of what I could achieve have spurred me on. - Janette Gledhill

Imogen is a very supportive, knowledgeable and friendly Pilates teacher and in my view, extremely good at what she does. I’m 62 with a sometimes stiff body and mild back and hip pain from sitting at a desk but find that the weekly, termly classes help to keep me flexible and pain free. The equipment supplied by Imogen is clean and plentiful (we wear socks) and the exercises are varied from week to week within the level of the class. Imogen explains and demonstrates the exercises beforehand. As the class sizes are limited, we benefit from the personal attention of being corrected. I highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their physical wellbeing to attend Imogen’s classes. - Annie Ralph

I've been coming to Imogen's classes for over 2 years. I started when my daughter reached around 3 and it very quickly became my little piece of sanity in a crazy week as well as very obvious how seized up I get in a desk based job. Imogen has a great way of describing each move, sometimes it's just a thought she suggests that helps you finally twig what it is you’re supposed to be working. After each class I feel like I've both gained freedom of movement and clarity of mind, my pilates class is now considered essential not just by me, but by my family too!!! - Helen Mason

Through taking part in a regular pilates class I have seen and felt a dramatic reduction in my previous back issues. I have gained knowledge and skill from these classes to help manage and prevent problems from arising. In short, an investment in your body that is worth every penny! - Louisa Rice

I started Pilates for the first time after I moved to Epsom 4 years ago, in my late sixties, and saw Imogen’s name in the library. She put me in exactly the right class for my needs; she is very aware of our individual problems and capabilities, and makes allowances accordingly. As a retired GP I am most impressed by her anatomical knowledge. She keeps very up to date, the classes are always varied, and - most importantly - fun! I can wholeheartedly recommend her. - Helen Beach

I have been doing Pilates with Imogen for more than 10 years, a record. Normally I find exercise classes boring, but her classes feel fresh every week with a different plan that still cunningly reaches the parts that don't get stretched in daily life. She stretches herself as well as her classes, frequently going on courses to learn more. For the five years I was a carer for my severely disabled husband, I credit Imogen’s weekly sessions with keeping me free of back troubles, as well as helping protect my sanity and sense of humour. You come out of her sessions smiling and walking tall.  - Gabrielle O’Donovan

I joined Imogen’s class after a neck operation and years of lower back problems. Now, no more back problems, a more flexible neck, and better posture too. Imogen makes everyone feel as if they are having a one-to-one session as she adapts the exercises to each person’s capabilities while encouraging us all out of comfort zones. Added bonus, Imogen’s classes are fun!  - Rick Gregory

I have been attending Imogen’s Pilates classes for the past three years. She was recommended to me by a chiropractor I was seeing for my back and shoulder problems. Imogen is very knowledgeable and experienced and frequently tops up her knowledge base by attending courses on anatomy and other topics. She is a great teacher - her classes are excellent and I am disappointed if I have to miss any. The classes are also varied and fun! And we do plenty of movements for rotating and opening the shoulder which has certainly alleviated my problems.  - Aurea Tennant

We started Pilates classes about 2 years ago because we wanted to work on our flexibility and, hopefully, core strength. We were extremely lucky that our nearest classes were with Imogen at Bourne Hall. Imogen is a great teacher. She tailors exercises to suit each individual's abilities and issues and clearly explains what we should be doing and why. The hour flies by and we have really felt the benefit of it. It's fun to do and really entertaining and each lesson is different so there is never the chance for things to get staid or be bored. - Mike & Dianne Young

I have been attending Pilates for around 10 years with Imogen. I have a bulging disc at the end of my spin and also a curvature on upper back, options were operation or Pilates. Imogen is very knowledgeable and is constantly attending courses to improve her skills which we then benefit from. I enjoy the physical and social side and highly recommend joining. - Sheila Nejand

I have been attending Imogen’s Pilates classes since 2005 to help deal with my back issues and to build core stability strength. I have benefitted a great deal from her classes and she always makes them varied and fun. Imogen is a brilliant teacher; very attentive and adaptable with her exercises to everyone’s aches, pains, injuries etc. I feel so much better after attending one of her sessions, I would highly recommend her classes!  - Ela Honeyman

I started attending Imogen's Pilates classes a year ago and although I was apprehensive beforehand I am so pleased I did. I really enjoy the classes and definitely feel the benefits afterwards. Imogen is a great teacher, she demonstrates each move, explains the associated benefits and takes time to ensure each class member understands the correct positioning for the move. I would definitely recommend Imogen's classes for anyone interested in starting Pilates. - Caz Thompson

I started attending Imogen's pilates classes as I suffered from a bad back and had had several days off work as a result.  Since committing to Imogen's classes I have never had any further back issues.  I really enjoy the classes as they are stretching (literally!), each one is different and Imogen entertains us with humorous tales while we exercise. - Sheena Gordon

I have been attending Imogen’s classes for several years and would highly recommend them. She is always very friendly and enthusiastic and offers us a programme of different exercises each week. She will always take into account any medical problems and will adapt exercises to fit individual members of the class. Imogen is continually attending courses to enable her to teach the latest exercises in her classes. Imogen's class is always enjoyable and we all benefit from her excellent knowledge. - Jackie Sandiford

I have been doing Pilates with Imogen for many years now. The classes are always changing and Imogen continually updates and refreshes the content. I always enjoy attending.  - Carole Sanders