Imogen's Style Of Teaching

Whilst creating this website, I felt one of the most important things was to explain my style of teaching, the aims and the goals.  There are a variety of styles of classes to be found, some classes are more mindful in approach, whilst others are more fitness based.  The mindful approach is controlled and focuses strongly on quality of movement.  A fitness approach would typically offer more repetitions for a workout style of class. 

My Pilates classes are mindful in approach with emphasis on alignment. The focus on the breath is to enhance and support movement. The goal is to move efficiently with balance and without tension, whilst improving overall body awareness. By patterning movements slowly and repeating them, we reinforce our neural pathways.  In this way, we can teach the body to move efficiently, so that we can then reproduce the same quality of movement at a faster pace.

Historically, many Pilates classes have emphasised working on core strength as a solution to back problems. An over-emphasis of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles can result excess tension and even dysfunction of pelvic floor muscles.

The latest methods encourage a more holistic approach that teaches us to move without tension and with stability. To do this we must establish the appropriate level of spinal stability, at the same time, freeing the limbs to lengthen and move with space in the joints. The result is more natural movement.

It is important to have a good understanding of basic Pilates exercises and awareness of your own body before progressing to a faster, stronger pace of class. Please see under ‘Levels’ for more information about Pilates and the class Levels.

Pilates should not replace other forms of exercise.  It will enhance and complement your regular activities and improve your posture, performance and overall wellbeing.