What Equipment do I need for Class?

Clients are now required to bring their own mats, head blocks and small equipment to class. It is the surest way to ensure that infection is not spread and that classes are Covid secure.  The additional small equipment you need is versatile, lightweight and inexpensive.

Please scroll to down find some links to give you examples of what you can buy.

What do you need for class?

  • Mat
  • Head block/head support
  • Pilates softball – approx. 7 or 8” diameter (180cm)
  • Pilates Resistance Band – Minimum 1.5m (1 or 2 bands)
  • Small ball for the feet – therapy ball or tennis ball or another small ball

Advice on Buying your own Mat

There are lots of other mats on the market, some roll up too which is useful.  You need your mat to be long enough for your ‘head to tail’ to be on the mat.  It is not essential for your feet to be on the mat.  Pilates mats are generally thicker than yoga mats. The extra padding can make quite a difference if you are kneeling, lying on your side or moving the spine.   If you have a yoga mat and want to use it, bear this in mind.  

Head Blocks / Knee Padding

Head blocks are used to enable the neck and head to be in line with the rest of the spine.  Pilates headblocks can be either soft or hard.  A soft block is more comfortable and can double up as knee padding. 

You do not have to purchase head blocks.  Alternatively, folded hand towels make great head blocks.  You can fold them to the thickness you need and use as many as required.

I would advise you buy 2 blocks:

  • 1” Headblock  300 x 200m 
  • 2” Headblock  300 x 200m (Hard)

Please note that you may wish to buy more than 1 head block if you usually use two in class.

Resistance Bands

There are difference strengths of resistance bands.  The legs are stronger than the arms, so you can work with a more resistance with leg exercises.   For the arms I recommend you use a beginner level of band and for the legs an intermediate level.  In an ideal world you would have 2 bands for this reason. If you only invest in one band, I recommend the beginner level.

Your band should be a minimum 1.5m length

  • 1 x Intermediate Level
  • 1 x Beginner Level

Pilates Soft Ball

There are lots of different Pilates balls available and the sizes vary.  I recommend you use a soft light weight ball inflatable ball approximately 180cm diameter 7” or 8”.

Small ball for the feet

Massaging the feet with balls effects the entire body.  There are some really nice balls available.  The soft slightly spikey ones are great, but you don’t have to invest in specific therapy balls.  A tennis ball or other small balls will suffice.

Pilates Small Equipment List

Below find some links to Pilates equipment. I regularly buy from the Physical Company.  The links are simply a guide for you to look at sizing.  You might find that some items are out of stock, so I have added a couple of links I found on Amazon. If you do use The Physical Company, my clients get a 10% discount.  Please ask me for the code before you order if you need it.


There are lots of mats out there. Below are links to the class mats I have previously used and a roll up mat recommended by a client.

Medium Supasoft Studio Aerobic Mats (12mm)


10mm Thick Pilates & Exercise Mat


Head Blocks

1” Small Pilates Head Pad


Small Pilates Head Pad Cover


1” Pilates Hard Head Block



Large Head Block

For use as head support in side lying, standing footwork and raising the pelvis

2” BodyZen Yoga Block


Yoga Matters Yoga Block


Pilates Soft Ball

The Physical Company


Core Balance


Resistance Bands

Individual Bands cut at 1.5m (minimum length required).