How To Book Zoom Classes

Zoom video conferencing for Group and Private Pilates

Using your PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone and the Zoom App, you can partake in live Zoom Pilates classes, private sessions or bespoke group sessions.

To Book an appointment Call Imogen on 07941 085849 or Email Imogen at imogen@surreypilates.co.uk

Before taking part in the session

You will need to complete a Health and safety form and send it back to Imogen. Please note that this is for both client safety and insurance purposes and in line with GDPR.

Health Screening Form

If you do not have a printer or wish to complete the form digitally, please request the interactive version of this form to be sent to you by email.

Once your appointment is booked

Download the Zoom app on your laptop or smartphone or tablet prior to the session.

After your appointment you will receive an email with a link that will connect you to your session. Make a note of your Meeting ID and Password shown in your invitation.

What if the email link doesn't work?

You can access the Zoom Meeting directly through the Zoom App. You select ‘Join’ and Enter the Meeting ID and Password which you will find in your email invitation.

What do you need for your Zoom Pilates Class

A mat is ideal, but if you don’t have one you can use a towel on top of carpet. If using a yoga mat, ideally that would be on carpet for extra thickness. In addition, you will need a Pilates head block or small hand towels make a good alternative.

Wear something comfortable that you can easily move in and is suitable for exercise.

Set Up

Place your computer far enough away for your instructor to see your whole body. Positioning the camera can take time, so if it’s your first session please arrive early to allow for this so as not to delay the class. If there is not time before the class, a separate time could be arranged to help with camera positioning.

To join the Pilates Class or Session

Once you click the link to join the Zoom Pilates class you will be put into a waiting room. You will be let into the meeting as soon as the session begins. If you are in a group class, you will be able to enter 5 minutes early. This is recommended to check everyone is ready to start punctually.